Monday, September 23, 2013

Instagram Hop

As most of you know we LOVE Instagram so we decided to create a weekly hop for you to link up and meet new instafriends! Follow the simple steps below and have fun!

Please read carefully over the rules for the hop! And don't forget to link up your Instagram web profile below!! 

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Our Trip to Florida 2013

Being in the USMC, we don't get to go home very often. But when we do we try to get the most out of our trip. Luckily, the place we call home is Florida. So we get to soak up the sunshine and sit back and watch Car swim for hours upon hours! It is so relaxing. Here is a very small bit of the 1,000 photos I took on our trip.  

Carter's Oma cant get enough of him! Can you blame her?

 Dayven is Carter's cousin, and I'm sure he'll be the one teaching him sports and how to be tough in the future.

 Madison is Carter's cousin also, she is so kind and gentle. And so good with kiddos.

 Meet Aunt Katie and baby cousin, Ryder. He is Carter's mini me.

 You can tell his Mama takes lots of pictures of him. He has this smile thing down pat!

 We were so thankful that we were able to see Madison get baptized. She's going to do great things in the world.. That little girl is amazing.

 Note to self: Dont expect your hair to stay dry if you're holding a two year old with a noodle. It's impossible. 

 We are blessed with the best friends anyone could ever ask for. We always get together when were home and it's the best of times. 

 Car's first time eating watermelon was a success as you can see!

 Mr. AMHS and Lynsi grew up together, and now their son's get to do the same. How awesome is that?

 I had to sneak off to get some love from Jax. Carter doesn't like to share mommy!

 When Papa takes out the pie the two year olds gather!

 Taking in the first views of the beach.

 Still checking it all out.

 Considering stepping out into the sand. But still unsure!

 Brave boy did it with a little encouragement! Woo hoo, go Car!

 Okay, thats enough. Time to get on daddy's shoulders!

We aren't in North Carolina anymore! Haha.

 He wasn't a fan of the waves right at first.

 So back to the pool it is!

 Very confused as to why he wasn't on the jet skis! 

 But thats okay, Oma and Paw Paw got him some ice cream. It's all better.

 Paw Paw on stroller duty! 

 Trying this beach thing out again, but this time he was smart about it!

Maddie girl relaxing on the beach.

There are so many more pictures, but for now I'll leave you with those. We had a blast and we are already looking forward to the next trip. We miss you Florida!!


Thursday, July 11, 2013

Welcome back and an update on life and All My Heart Shop.

Well hi again you lovely people you. Thanks for not giving up on my blog. I've been so busy with my shop and fulfilling orders that I have pushed my blog to the back burner this year. I pinky promise I wont let it happen again. I miss you all too much! So a few things have changed since I last posted.. I guess that tends to happen when you don't blog for 7 months.. Whoops!! Shame on me.

First update is my branding. I've changed it quite a bit. Logo, banner, packaging, the whole nine yards. Here is a little glimpse of what All My Heart Shop is looking like now..

So far this year I've been adding more and more sterling silver to All My Heart Shop. I've also been focusing more on bridesmaid gift sets. Sometimes in a world of tacky gifts, it's a relief to find a quality set of gifts that your girls will be sure to love. Some of Etsy's favorites in the shop are these lovely items..

In other All My Heart Shop news this year, we hit 1,200+ Etsy orders. If only Etsy counted each individual necklace instead of the number of orders I'm sure we would have accomplished this goal even sooner. Either way, I get giddy thinking about it. I remember when i was calling all my friends and family so excited about my 1st sale. So we've come a long way in the past 2 years!

Speaking of the shop growing these past two years, my kiddo has also grown up. My son Carter turned two last month. He is the sweetest child I've ever known, is talking SO good and repeating everything, loves Jake and the Neverland Pirates more than he should, and is so adventurous.  Time flies by so fast when you're busy being a wife, mom, and running a business! But I wouldn't change a thing about the way we live. It somehow all gets done!

I can't forget to include the fact that this dude is potty training SO well. I think you can tell by this photo that he's quite proud of himself too. Carter's big boy undies for Carter!

We also moved ONE house number down from our old house in February so that I could have an in home jewelry studio. Here are a few pictures of the house via my instagram (@allmyheartshop). I will post pictures of my studio in a few days!

And the last thing I want to tell you is about All My Heart Shop's Christmas in July special. When you place a $30 order, you will receive our Be Brave necklace for FREE. You don't even need a coupon code. I will automatically add the necklace to your order when it ships. Yippee,  I love a good deal! My inspiration for this necklace came from the following quote:

Be bold enough to use your voice, 
brave enough to listen to your heart, 
and strong enough to live the life 
you've always imagined.

Well it was fun catching up with you, friends. I hope you all have a fantastic day. Thank you for taking your time to stop by the blog. I hope you are able to take advantage of our Christmas in July Special. Adios!

XO, Christine